Airport data:

Aerodrome reference point:     602500N 0083046E (WGS 84)
Aerodrome elevation: 2618 ft AMSL
Airfield layout Ref. Jeppesen charts
Rullebane/Runway: 08/26    
True bearing: 076,61°/256,63°
RWY length and -width: 1000 x 45 m
Slope: Longitudinal slope below 1%
Surface: Asphalt PCN-40 F/B/X/U
Safety area: 30 m ahead of RWY THR and 25 m on either side of RWY centreline
Taxiway: 30 x 35 m
Apron: 50 x 25 m
Markings: RWY-edges, -centreline, middle marking and threshold 26/08 are painted in contrasting colour (yellow).
Lighting: None except obstacle lighting
Obstacles: Wind sock (equipped with obstacle lighting) and terrain with elevation 3593 ft and 3478 ft North of AD (not lighted)
Banelengder: RWY: 08, 26
TORA: 1000m, 1000m
LDA: 850m, 850m
Approval from Norwegian CAA: Aerodrome for private use in VFR daylight for aeroplanes of max. 5700 kg MTOM, and for helicopters.
Aerodrome servicability and restrictions in use: For any other use than that mentioned above, special approval from Norwegian CAA is required.
Other information:

Contact AD operator before using AD. No regular snow removal.

Elk and other wildlife may occur on AD. Caution adviced!

Fuel Avgas 100LL is NOT available