Fee 2022

Type of engine(s): Free (NOK):
Gliders and trikes 0,-
Single-engine piston aircraft and all helicopters 100,-
Twin-engine piston aircraft 200,-
  • For every continuous series of touch and go-landings, it must be paid for one start. Fees may be paid in cash in the locker outside the cabin at the apron (please, fill out details on the white envelope)
  • After prior arrangement, the fee may also be paid into our bank account in Sparebank 1 Hallingdal Valdres account number 2320.23.98219. Please, state the registration of the aircraft and date/time of flight.
  • Use VIPPS to account no: 108378. Please, state the registration of aircraft and date/time of flight.

When extraordinary measures are required with regard to snow clearance etc, Geilo airfield, Dagali reserves the right, after prior agreement, to charge the aircraft operator for such extra expenses.

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