Pilot info "winter"

During the winter season, the runway is cleared irregularly with reduced available runway length.
Contact airfield management before the flight to get the latest information, as conditions may change rapidly.
Be aware of elks and other wildlife dwelling in the area surrounding the airfield, sometimes even crossing the runway.

Available runway length: 650 x 15 metres.

Threshold runways 08 and 26 are marked by cones (orange/yellow) on each side.
Along the runway, one cone is placed on each side for every 100 meters.
The middle of the run is marked with 2 cones on each side.
Taxiway marked by blue cones.

LDA: 650 m. TORA: 650 m.

Frequency 121,300 MHz shall be used for blind transmissions stating intentions and reporting in the landing circuit.
Aircraft with MTOM less than 5700 kg and less than 10 passenger seats may use the airfield for private flights in visual flight conditions during daylight.
All pilots intending to fly into Dagali must receive prior permission from the airfield operator to ensure knowledge about local rules and regulations.
Mobile tel: +47 900 22 804 or +47 975 31 353. Please, do not send SMS.
Avgas 100 LL is NOT available at the airport. The wind sock is placed on the South side of the runway (lighted). Rescue equipment and fire extinguishers are placed in the small cabin close to the apron. Tie-downs are available at the apron. To obtain access to the apron area by car, please contact the airfield management. Parking of cars west of the apron. There is a toilett at the cabin.
Airfield data/maps for Geilo Airfield, Dagali are not available in AIP Norway. Please, consult Jeppesen/Bottlang airfield manual.

Reproduced with permission of Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL USE   

ENDI 19-1    II    ENDI 19-2

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